Click on Shopping Cart

  • The Federal Circuit recently invalidated three e-commerce “shopping cart” patents that noted non-practicing entity Soverain Software has asserted over the past decade against a variety of web retailers.  ArsTechnica reports on the story of Newegg’s litigation strategy, and includes an interesting interview with Newegg’s Chief Legal Officer (and Dow Lohnes alumnus) Lee Cheng.  (ArsTechnica)
  • In other non-practicing entity news, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California dismissed a suit brought  by Cascades Computer Innovation against patent aggregator RPX and Dell, Samsung, Motorola, LG, and HTC.  Cascades had alleged that the parties violated the antitrust and unfair competition laws by forming a conspiracy not to license Cascades’s patents (and engaging in other joint litigation-related activities.  However, Cascades was granted leave to amend the complaint. (More from The American Lawyer)
  • After settling with the FTC, Google has appeared to avoid serious antitrust consequences in the United States over its licensing standard-essential patents and its search and advertising practices.  But might it fare differently in Europe?  Charles Authur, Tech editor for UK newspaper The Guardian, discussed this topic in a recent podcast. (via TechNewsWorld)