ForestJudge Robart’s RAND decision in the Microsoft v. Motorola case is receiving well-warranted attention, and for good reason.  Of course, we here at the Essential Patent Blog find this developing area of law fascinating.  So I welcomed Tom Keene’s invitation to discuss Judge Robart’s decision live on Bloomberg TV’s “Bloomberg Surveillance” program this past Monday, April 29.  The focus was to be on the particular question of whether Google’s purchase of Motorola has panned out, given recent Motorola patent litigation losses.  So I prepared through immersive study of Judge Robart’s decision, as well as our prior postings and the details of the various Motorola cases in the so-called Smartphone Wars.  Forget the forest or the trees — I stared at every branch, twig and leaf.

And Monday morning, in a remote studio in Washington, DC, Tom Keene’s voice from New York came into the earpiece asking an important question I never expected: What about the forest?
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