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Last Friday, Apple and Google reportedly agreed to dismiss all current lawsuits between them, including standard essential patent cases involving Motorola Mobility that Google recently sold to Lenovo.  The three-sentence joint statement by Apple and Google indicates that their agreement does not include any cross license (to SEPs or otherwise), stating:

Apple and Google have

Qualcomm and Ericsson have filed amicus briefs in the appeal of Judge Crabb’s dismissal of Apple’s declaratory judgment action that sought a court-determined FRAND royalty rate under Motorola patents, where Judge Crabb dismissed the case after Apple would not agree to be bound by that FRAND determination (see our July post). Qualcomm and Ericsson

CAFCWe’ve got an update from the Apple-Motorola Federal Circuit FRAND jurisdictional dispute.  Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit denied Motorola’s motion to dismiss Apple’s FRAND appeal (or transfer the case to the 7th Circuit).  For a recap on the issues surrounding this motion and the Apple-Motorola FRAND appeal (this one from

Yesterday Apple filed its opposition to Motorola’s motion to dismiss or transfer for lack of jurisdiction in Federal Circuit appeal No. 2013-1150.  This is Apple’s appeal of Judge Crabb’s dismissal of the Apple-Motorola FRAND/antitrust action (W.D. Wis. No. 3:10-cv-00178)).  Apple contends that the Federal Circuit has jurisdiction over Apple’s appeal of the dismissal of its declaratory judgment claims because (1) the hypothetical Motorola complaint at which Apple’s declaratory judgment claim was directed would be for patent infringement, and (2) the district’s court’s decision to dismiss the patent-specific DJ claims without prejudice does not deprive the Federal Circuit of jurisdiction.  As we anticipated in our post on Motorola’s motion to dismiss/transfer, some of Apple’s arguments in its opposition raise some interesting questions about whether jurisdiction over this appeal will be consistent with past and potential future appeals of orders in the Microsoft-Motorola RAND case.
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Late last week, Apple Inc. filed a notice of appeal with the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin, announcing its intent to appeal to the Federal Circuit Judge Barbara B. Crabb’s dismissal of Apple’s SEP-related contract and antitrust claims against Motorola Mobility (case No. 3:11-cv-00178-bbc).  This presents us with an opportunity to do a brief “catching up on” post on this particular portion of the larger Apple-Motorola dispute.
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