Back in August, we reported on a series of four patent suits filed in the Southern District of Florida by a group of MPEG LA MPEG-2 patent-pool-licensors targeting television manufacturers Craig Electronics, Curtis International, Motorola, and ViewSonic.  The litigation now appears to be settled with respect to all parties except for ViewSonic, whose case was recently transferred to the Central District of California.

By way of background, Mitsubishi, Philips, General Electric, Thomson Licensing, Panasonic, and Sony, filed four separate infringement actions in July 2013 against the television manufacturers on a group of patents related to MPEG-2 video compression standards.  The plaintiffs acknowledged the patents were subject to FRAND commitments and sought only monetary damages from the defendants, who were alleged to have previously been offered licenses by plaintiffs.  These actions were filed shortly after a different group of MPEG LA licensors accused Curtis International and others of infringing certain ATSC-essential digital television patents.

The case against Motorola was dismissed pursuant to stipulation earlier this year on January 6, Curtis was dismissed on January 22, and notice of settlement was filed in the suit against Craig on Friday, February 21.  The litigation against ViewSonic appears to be moving forward, after ViewSonic’s succeeded in having the action transferred to the Central District of California earlier this month.