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Washington court sets RAND terms for Motorola’s standard-essential patents (but the public will have to wait a week to see them)

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Big news today in the Microsoft-Motorola RAND breach of contract dispute taking place before the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington.  After the November 2012 bench trial and significant post-trial briefing between the parties on a variety of issues, we finally have an order from the court.  However, we will need to wait another … Continue Reading

RANDomness: President Obama talks patents

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Yesterday, President Obama held an hour-long Google hangout to take questions from the public, and the topic of patents came up.  He answered a question about non-practicing entities and startups, and acknowledged that the America Invents Act “only went about halfway” to full patent reform.  (via Patent Progress) Judge James L. Robert issued a Valentine’s … Continue Reading

Catching up on…Lotes v. Foxconn RAND/antitrust dispute over USB 3.0 standard-essential patents

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It’s no surprise that most of the attention being paid to standard-essential patent issues is focused on the companies involved in the “smartphone wars” — Motorola, Microsoft, Apple. Samsung, etc.  But while these consumer product companies are of course affected by issues involving standard-essential patents, so too are their component suppliers.  A lawsuit filed this … Continue Reading

Steelhead Licensing LLC files suit claiming wireless equipment makers and cellular carriers infringe cellular-essential patent

Posted in Complaints, District Courts, Litigation, Non-Practicing Entities
On Friday, January 4, 2013, a non-practicing entity named Steelhead Licensing LLC filed a litany of SEP-related lawsuits in the United States District Court for the District of Delaware against various wireless device manufacturers and cellular carriers.  Each of the entities is accused of infringing a single, soon-to-expire (on Feb. 13) patent — U.S. Pat. … Continue Reading

Catching up on…Innovatio IP Ventures, LLC’s Litigation Activities

Posted in District Courts, Litigation, Non-Practicing Entities
Because so many SEP-related issues have arisen over the past year, we will periodically revisit some of the more noteworthy occurrences with a brief post.  In this post, we explore recent and ongoing patent assertion activities of Innovatio IP Ventures, LLC. On February 28, 2011, Broadcom Corporation assigned 31 U.S. patents to a company named Innovatio IP … Continue Reading

Ericsson, Samsung Engage in Standard-Essential Patent Battle

Posted in Complaints, District Courts, International Trade Commission, Litigation
The smartphone wars have definitely seen their share of assertions of standard-essential patents in recent years.  Even more of these SEPs entered the fray in a flurry of litigation at the end of 2012 between Ericsson and Samsung. In late November 2012, Ericsson filed several complaints for patent infringement against Samsung – all of which … Continue Reading

Catching up on…Microsoft v. Motorola

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Because so many SEP-related issues have arisen over the past year, we will periodically revisit some of the more important occurrences with a brief post.  The recent bench trial before Judge James L. Robart of the Western District of Washington between Microsoft and Motorola a may yield a groundbreaking opinion in the area of standard-essential patents, … Continue Reading