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Infringement contentions identifying technical standards are insufficient to identify specific products-at-sssue under N.D. Cal. Patent Local Rules

Posted in Court Orders, District Courts, Litigation
As the Senate continues to weigh patent reform measures focused on improving preliminary disclosures in patent litigation, courts continue to distinguish between sufficient and insufficient disclosures under their own patent local rules. According to a recent ruling from the Northern District of California, a generalized claim that any products practicing a technical standard infringe an asserted … Continue Reading

Non-practicing entity Wyncomm LLC claims WiFi devices infringe former AT&T patent

Posted in District Courts, Litigation, Non-Practicing Entities
Just like with cellular standards, the widespread use of the IEEE 802.11 wireless networking (“WiFi”) standard often makes WiFi-compliant devices easy targets for patent infringement lawsuits — particularly suits brought by non-practicing entities.  The most infamous of these NPEs targeting WiFi is probably Innovatio IP Ventures LLC, who has accused thousands of businesses of all … Continue Reading

Steelhead Licensing expands cellular-essential patent assertion activities

Posted in Complaints, District Courts, Litigation, Non-Practicing Entities
Early in January we noted that a non-practicing entity named Steelhead Licensing had filed a number of complaints for patent infringement against various wireless device manufacturers and cellular carriers.  Of particular note in those suits was that the patent at issue in all of the actions — U.S. Pat. No. 5,491,834, entitled “Mobile Radio Handover Initiation … Continue Reading